Friday, February 16, 2018

Nigerian Scammers, A Multimillion Dollar Industry - By Anonymous


at this photo collage, this is happening right NOW!!

As many of you will know, we have been playing along with all of these scammers from #Nigera if you have a really close and long look at each picture then you will instantly be able to see how much success these scammers are having.

Some may know that recently we created a fake profile of a 73 year old lady known to one of our admins and have been using this profile to see exactly just how many scammers there are and how they play their game of sucking targets in and to what extent their success is.

We also have been speaking with victims who have lost their profile along with tens of thousands of dollars that is used to support and comment on their fellow Nigerian scammers new targets profiles.

One victim who lost over $100K Pounds told us that at this point in her life she was at her lowest and she was extremely vulnerable and she had been swept away by the fake words making her blush and the visit that swept her of her feet and the flowers and chocolates sent to her address just took her away.

We won't go into too much and there are a few different methods these scammers use but in this specific case trust was her worse enemy until she finally pulled the pin but not after having lost over $100K thousand dollars.

She knows now how dumb and gullible she was, but this is exactly the targets these scammers are preying for, LET US TELL YOU RIGHT NOW, your mother or father or Aunty, or grandparent who is Widowed or single is probably being targeted right now with either a real Nigerian profile who is using the method of being themselves and falling in love with the target or using a fake profile of some US serviceman working overseas or a so called engineer who is widowed and has a child who will soon need surgery.

Now here is the real kicker, these victims are getting NO HELP from their governments and they refuse to trace the money trail, which can be done.

Some transactions are as high as $50K and #AusPost #WesternUnion #MoneyGram have done very little to prevent victims from being scammed.

Remember, these businesses above also get %comms on money sent so why would they bend over backwards to prevent such high commission transactions? they wouldn't.

One of these scammers who thinks one of us Anons is helping him with skills and advice has been very helpful with some incredible information.

We have learned that the Police in Nigeria know most of these scammers and are being paid off to protect them and to not bring them to the courts.

Police are receiving huge amounts of money be these scammers as hush money and to turn up bum leads.

We also know that people who work for Western Union and Money gram in Nigeria are also being paid off to accept false ID so the scammers cannot be traced or found, they tamper with CCTV footage or chose to have none so as to protect the identity of the scammers cashing in.

This organized crime has been going on for as long as almost 8 years possibly even longer.

Government officials such as police are at the mercy of the Nigerian police who say the names and leads they are given are fake or false however they are not, they just refuse to bring them to justice because they are being paid also.

Have a good look at these scammers with so much money, we counted at least $100 in just one shoe box, these scammers are blatantly SHOWING OFF not only their scammed cash, but their luxury cars, gold chains, gold watches, shoes, clothes, Gucci bags and more.

In one profile we found, we saw this guy with his room set up with 4 laptop computers on #Facebook obviously scamming people.

  One guy is sitting on top of thousands of dollars on his bed.

Another having cash all over his car.

Another showing off his iPads, Shoes, Cash, Gucci watches and more.

Others sitting on their new cars with comments from other scammers saying "Getting Paid" "Luv your work" "All day everyday" it is all open on Facebook for all to see and work out.

We did this in just 7 days, so what the fuck is going on with the police and government so called investigation units coming up empty handed?

Some use their REAL NAMES and these are the ones who actually travel and visit lonely widows gain trust and sweep them of their feet and then come back saying they died but left them a large amount of money in which the target who was just visited would have to pay a large fee before hand to receive the valuables and cash left.

We saw a couple of pictures where brand new cars where lined up in the hundreds, Mercedes Benz's, Lexus and Toyota Camry's and Aurions including Jeeps and Rovers.

We have not seen any news reports or TV programs showing you the extent as to how large of a scale this is then this collage of pictures that we have put together and found.

How difficult is it to trace the purchase of a $50K car and question the buyer who is unemployed as to how he got the money and to work out he is a scammer?

Seriously, we saw pictures of groups of scammers all showing off with girls commenting with words of encouragement.

The all know who each other are they all show off just about and they all LIKE, COMMENT SHARE each others posts to support the scammer and to work as a team against the target.

They verify phone numbers to hear their voices before making their next steps, they ask for email addresses and video calls to make sure they have the right targets.

We were able to grab some screen shots of a few also which we posted down our timeline.

Our source told us that they all meet up and discuss ways of perfecting their scams and where they went wrong and how to reply to certain questions.

The guys with literally thousands of cash bundles in our pictures must be some of the main players.

Once these scammers find targets from pages on Facebook such as charities, animal abuse pages and the like they then add them and encourage them to go to #Google #Hangout where they are able to chat one on one and using video.

As the photo collage shows, there are a lot of people who are too trusting and fall victims very easily.

So far in just 7 days, this admin who is doing this investigation has been able to disable and take down 15 accounts, which means all of the hard work they have done to suspecting victims is hopefully lost.

Here are just 4 of the 15 we got removed.

The reason why they ask their targets to go over to Google Hangouts is because Facebook's new security team do, do a good good job with taking their profiles down, although, some profiles this admin took down had words as the account holder such as Billionz or Brave Money Man ect, not even real names so how Facebook allows these but takes down the accounts we make to post on this page is a joke.

PLEASE over this weekend, check up on your loved ones, your mother, your father, uncles, aunties, grandmothers and grandfathers and ask them have they met any new friends online from Nigeria (Both male or female) and or any new US soldiers or ex servicemen or engineers who work in oil companies and gas pipeline companies or the like.

They might be just getting scammed as we type this up.

We would like to see businesses such as Western Union MoneyGram MoneyGram Africa take more actions to protect our most vulnerable citizens, our senior citizens and visit Nigeria and do their own investigation into these claims and on how better to help prevent these fraud crimes.

Install CCTV in all of their agencies and request better government ID that gets photocopied and any transaction over $1000 dollars is sent to their head office to start building profiles of regular collectors.

We would like to see limits placed on sending certain amounts which really should have already been done years ago.

We have to mention this but these businesses are profiting from money transfers so this might explain why not much has been done to help the victims as all of these agencies get a commission from money transfers, so why would they go to arms lengths to help victims?

We would like to see huge posters with WARNINGS so that victims can see them and staff handing out short brochures warning them of scams out there to their money transfer destination and that before they can send their money they must read it and sign it, this way some victims might just wake up before they actually hand over their money.

But the best prevention is from YOU, please SHARE this POST so that your loved ones, family and friends can read it and pass it on to others, take a moment to go through their "Friends List" and look for any profile that you do not know and that is from Nigeria or #Africa or that looks like a US servicemen, US engineer who is widowed with one child lol.

Also when viewing these suspicious profiles look out for any posts about Jesus, God, The Lord and posts about true love, animal abuse ect that maybe shared on their timelines.

Here are some of the profiles they sent friend requests to our fake profile who all tried to scam this admin behind this fake profile. Fake Account (Fake Profile) (Fake account) (Fake account) (Fake account)

YOU are really the best person to help your family member, because as mentioned above, no one else really cares.

So please SHARE this post and if anything it will shock your friends and family as to the real extent these scammers are going to and how much success they are having.

Just remember, these pictures were in clear public view and one profile will lead to another and another another, it is so widespread that your loved one or even best friend could be a target as your read this post.

Just know, they are not only after the elderly, we have learned of dating sites that are also being targeted with fake profiles of very handsome men some just cute and general and female profiles of beautiful woman being used to target those over 35.

We suggest using to search profile pictures to find out the real names of those so called "Friends" they are talking too.

This admin on behalf of the world wide collective of #Anonymous has spent a lot of time doing this investigation so that your loved ones and friends and family members are not scammed and loose everything they have.

Some of our elderly are also developing early stages of dementia and are at a very HIGH RISK of being scammed for all that they have.

So please SHARE this post because it is serious and sometimes victims just don't want to tell their family members they have been scammed because they are too ashamed or embarrassed, since they were at their most vulnerable point in their life.

So again PLEASE SHARE this post and get this warning out to as many people as possible, before it is too late.

~ Anonymous


P.S Ghana is another country also known for scamming.

Friday, February 9, 2018

Anthony McGauley Abducted a 2yo girl but walks free

 Meet Anthony John McGauley, he had court today in Penrith .Case number 2017/00220177

 He was held in custody for 7 months for abduction a 2 year old little girl from a Westfield Shopping Centre in Sydney's Penrith district.

Today, Judge Stephen Hanley SC, admitted that he found his amnesia story hard to believe as Anthony McGauley said he took the child whilst under the influence of drugs, thinking it was his niece. 

Not only did this judge say he thought that story was untruthful but so did the police prosecutor and a psychologist, with police saying that there were inconsistencies in his statement.

However, this still did not make this judge sentence this abductor up to 10 years in prison, NO, instead, he gave him a "Good Behavior Bond" no even parole or probation - WTF?

Yes, he served 7 months in prison but so what, this 2yo girl could have been raped and murdered, so what kind of punishment and what kind of message is this judge giving to others who might be thinking of abducting our children?


Judges like this should be REMOVED from the bar and from their position, if you agree and want to complain here are the details for you to follow up on and make your compliant.

NSW Bar Association
ABN 18 526 414 014
Address: 174 Phillip Street, Sydney 2000
Ph: 02) 9232 4055
(02) 4720 1621

If the NSW Bar Association does not remove this overdue SC we could always remove their funding which is held in the National Australia Bank Account.
BSB Number:       082 080
Account Number: 509106596
More info on this ridiculous and pathetic judge:;dn=588413155377574;res=IELHSS

When judges like this don't know how to protect our most vulnerable victims namely, CHILDREN then it is time for a judge like this to move on and be dismissed.
As for Anthony John McGauley, with his lies, lack of responsibility and desire to kidnap a young girl, maybe vigilante justice will catch up with him.

 Here are the links to the story: Watch his father defend him in this video also.

 When our so called justice system lets us down, we must ALL complain and stand up for justice and make our voices heard, especially when it involves little kids who have no voices.

SHAME on this judge and as for Anthony McGauley, he should have been given years in prison, not only as punishment (Bearing in mind he was high on drugs) for his crime and what he possibly could have done to this little girl but to also send a clear message to other potential child abductors.

Even the judge who denied him bail back in July said he is a possibility of RE-OFFENDING!

Police work very hard to catch these scums and what do the judges do? Let them out of prison so they get have another chance. Imagine the backlash if this #AnthonyMcGauley kidnaps, rapes and kills a young child?

~ Anonymous

Jon Vebables an evil person - protected

#JonVenables aka #PaulWilliams now 33 has been charged AGAIN for CHILD PORN!


That's right, this child killer who killed and tortured #JamesBulger who was only 2 years old when he was lured from a shopping centre with #RobertThomas tortured and brutally murdered, has been charged again for possessing child porn on his computer.

The UK GOV has a extremely STRICT CENSORSHIP on posting or publishing anything about the new identities of these two child killers, this means, there names, whereabouts, voices, appearance, description and or any images of them.

Well FUCK THE UK GOV, #Anonymous will risk the consequences if it means saving another innocent child from being raped and murdered by the hands of this sick POS Jon Venables or Robert Thomas.

Here is the thing... the UK clearly DOES NOT care about YOUR CHILDREN, because in 2010 Jon Venables pleaded guilty to possessing child porn and was sentenced to 2 more years of prison, only to be LET OUT again.

If this POS is viewing child porn after doing years in prison and having years of so called "Rehabilitation" courses and having millions spend on him to help him reintegrate back into society, then he obviously is NOT SORRY for his crime and has NOT rehabilitated and is a EXTREMELY HIGH RISK of re offending.

So WHY does this evil scum have such a high level of censorship? It is imperative that every parent and child knows the face to stay away from and run away from.

The UK GOV and the UK Parole board, do NOT care if YOUR child is another victim, Why do we say this? because they want to protect his identity so you do not know what he looks like, where he lives and what his name is.

The UK GOV and the Parole board will simply say "Sorry" if he abducts another child, kills that child and rapes that child, WELL SORRY ISN'T GOOD ENOUGH and will NOT bring back his next victim.

They knew he was viewing and fantasizing about child porn back in 2010 when they arrested him, so WHY keep his identity secret when he got out again just after two years?

This is clear evidence the UK GOV and the Parole board don't care, otherwise they would have lifted the secrecy ban and kept him in prison after his child porn charged back in 2010.

So basically for the past 4 fucking years, UK CHILDREN have been at a high risk of this POS pedophile re-offending and killing another child.
Well as we say, Fuck the UK GOV and FUcK the UK Parole board. Anonymous is going to DISOBEY and show the world and UK Citizens what this POS looked like 4 years ago back in 2013.
When it comes to any Government protecting walking time bombs, they can "Expect Us" we will disobey to protect the community especially when it comes to our children on this earth!

Please SHARE this post!

Source Links:

The Horrific Story:

Photo Credits of the POS:

Good read here:

In Depth post here:

Credit to this Twitter account:
We believe people have a right to know what this evil scum looks like, SHARE if you agree!

~ Anonymous

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Caleb Maraku - Coward One Punch Scaffolder

1 punch #Coward #CalebMaraku

Caleb (Baleac) Maraku received only a slap on the wrist after being charged with a cowardly 1 punch on a young schoolies victim on the Gold Coast.

Here is below laughing outside court thinking it is all fun and games to almost kill an innocent person who had done nothing to him whatsoever. Caleb is just a THUG POS SCUM BAG!

Incredibly he only got from Judge Joan White.. 
- 12 months probation
- No Criminal Conviction

What kind of message is this #SouthportCourtHouse sending to other future 1 punch heroes?
Video of his coward punch:…/brutal-thug-caleb-maraku-takes-sel…

Laughing at court house:…/Caleb-Maraku-laughs-leaves-cou…

Facebook Profile:

New Profile:


Picture with Girlfriend:

Post about bashing someone upon entering Australia:


Co accused:

Girlfriend: Natalie Wilson

Sister & Brother In Law
Nephew: Kyro Maraku-William

Brother-In-Law Kane William
Car Rego: 913WDU…/use…/ig-789761915/skylarandcaleb/photos

SHAME ON YOU MAGISTRATE JOAN WHITE from the #Southport court house.

THIS MAGISTRATE HAS MADE many other errors before:…

Profile: Magistrate Joan White…/judicial-profil…/profiles/jwhite

Picture of Magistrate Joan White:…/8b1409e1964c4afedf81f4d763230b63

Has been questioned many other times:…/849bf6b813a55a6bb3b1765904a…
We cannot believe how this coward could have killed this young boy and the Judge #JoanWhite just gives him a slap on the wrist and not even a criminal recording.
SHARE if you are outraged!
~ Anonymous News

Monday, December 18, 2017

Facebook Busted for supporting FAKE NEWS

Facebook is only too happy to have their users RIPPED OFF by FAKE websites that are trying to lure innocent people into investing into FAKE bitcoin and cryptocurrency websites.

These websites make you deposit money into them and you loose all of that money, others even go a step further, by saying you gained a lot of money from your deposit and it is so huge you are very excited but in order to withdraw your FAKE balance they create, you have to pay them 10% via another means and loose that money too.


So how is Facebook supporting these FAKE NEWS websites?

Well we all see these so called Facebook SPONSORED POSTS right?

Now here is the thing, we copied every link and tried to post it on our Facebook Page WE ARE ANONYMOUS and guess what happened? WE COULDN'T, WHY? Because Facebook have some of these links as BLOCKED LINKS. SEE BELOW:

So why is Facebook allowing blocked links to show up as SPONSORED POSTS on our timelines that they know are scam sites or suspicious sites? Because Facebook does not care about their users, they only care about making money from anyone, including scammers.

So we got the message saying we were not allow to post these links and here is our reply.

Lets connect the dots now shall we.


The site you are directed to when you click on the link here as shown below AFTER YOU SCROLL DOWN and click on their [click here] link which bring you to this site which link is BLOCKED by Facebook as show below.

NOTE: The first link is the link they say is blocked but is the link you are directed to after clicking on their SPONSORED link.

STOP scamming your users and promoting all of these scam sites, they are ripping innocent users off and taking their money, lying and produce FAKE NEWS.

Fake because the reviews are from different people who have had their profile pictures stolen as shown on the website above.

Let's look at this now.

Okay so if you check out the bottom of the News.Com.Au website above and scroll down, you will notice some comments and replies, well, we did a Google Image Search and found out that these pictures used are NOT matching their real names.

This means this FAKE website is promoting fake news and comments from real people with Fake Names being used by these scamming sites.

So again, Facebook is supporting this.

No wonder Mark Zuckerberg is worth over $30 Billion. Unlike most of us, we don't have that much money to loose for believing scammers whose sponsored adds show up on our Facebook timeline, believing that they must be okay because they are on FACEBOOK. So Wrong!!!! 

~ Anonymous

Saturday, November 25, 2017


WARNING: This page below is NOT anonymous, they are only interested in using the name of #Anonymous to profit.

There little scam is saying they are offering FREE MASKS and you only have to pay for the shipping costs hahaahha, what a joke. The masks they are selling are only worth about $1 each.

We did some checking, and this is what we found out and are EXPOSING these scammers who have no idea what the true ANONYMOUS IDEA is all about.

FREE MASKS - Yeah right!

So if we purchased 1 cheap mask, it would cost us $8.99USD, we also note that when you check out you are hit with a pop-up that offers you MORE ANONYMOUS merchandise.

However, the mask in this picture is NOT the mask you get, as posted on their (FAKE ANONYMOUS FACEBOOK PAGE) this is the mask you really get. They are sharing this pages post (HERE) and are more than likely associated with it or get a large kick back. Otherwise, why would they keep posting all the time and sharing their merchandise.

Here are the same masks for $1USD

NOTE: The exact same masks are $1AUD Australian dollar, even cheaper in the USA.

SOURCE:(Masks Advert above)

Now saying that these masks are FREE was a BIG MISTAKE, because everyone knows you don't get anything for free, So let's put this to the test.

We went through the check out process and then edited our quantity to 10 masks, look at what happens.

 For 10 of the exact same masks it costs $10.27

If we add SHIPPING costs for the same destination country here is the price below.

So the same Anonymous page here (Army Anonymous) wants you to believe that they are giving away FREE ANONYMOUS MASKS for a limited time only, PMSL, However, if you wish to purchase the same masks from the website we sourced you would save $35.29 this means their website would profit them this amount. 


It is just a scam to get your eye attention knowing that they have such a huge fan base and knowing that people would jump at the chance to get a so called FREE MASK.

But as we have clearly seen, it is BULLSHIT!

This page is just out to PROFIT in the name of ANONYMOUS and scam those who support us.
Let us remind some of you again and tell others for the first time, ANONYMOUS does NOT PROFIT!

These fakes use money from sales to build their pages up to increase their customer base to sell more shit. Notice how it has taken them some time  to start selling merchandise?


We actually exposed this group a little while back for lying and scamming their supporters before, selling so called ANONSTOCK here

We also posted a video of such pages and fans who just use the name of Anonymous to profit.

We have noticed many are awake to these scammers and fakes and are spreading our info, 

Let's take a look at some of those who are smart and hate such fake pages like (ArmyAnonymous)

So as you can see, people are not stupid these days and many are wide awake mentally.

Sadly, Facebook unpublished pages like our as we posted here last year (We got unpublished by Facebook) and had they not, we probably would have millions of supporters too, we guess we must have been doing something right to get unpublished?
We are posting this information because ANONYMOUS does not like those who profit in our name and Anonymous never profits in any way shape or form. 

We do what we do for the LOVE of mankind.

We also do not wish to see our loyal supporters, old ones and new ones being ripped off and scammed by scums and fakes like those who run ArmyAnonymous and Anonymous HeadQuarters, BTW, Anonymous does NOT have any (HEADQUARTERS) (note they promote the same add on the left hand side as (Army Anonymous) does, or any so called (ANONYMOUS OFFICIAL) accounts, channels, pages, groups or blogs. 

Anonymous loves their supporters and we are one big family, "No one fights in this family alone"!

Sadly, many fakes and those we are jealous of other #Anons, their pages, their groups, their support, their efforts, their talents, their skills and their popularity make it difficult for them to continue.

I personally battle with Facebook all the time losing accounts and being reported time after time again by such ones above.

The Page  (WE ARE ANONYMOUS) is a long time good standing page going onto it's 4th year now, having fought against many fakes and exposing many as well, thus why our admins and other good Anons, keep loosing their accounts, pages and groups from being reported by reportfags (as we call them).

Anonymous, is a great idea who help the homeless, rape victims, those who have had injustice against them and those who are like lost sheep in this world knowing that there must be valid reasons for why so many things are happening on this earth but not being able to pin point it.

We love truth and justice and we always will, to our fellow brothers and sisters all over the world, we love you and we love those who support us and encourage us and to everyone who helps our information spread over the internet.

We encourage everyone to be ANONYMOUS, doing so by starting off joining your local Anonymous group or page that is active and being known by them at marches, protests and rallies or just at our annual #MillionMaskMarch every NOV 5th. 
Peace to all and may we kindly ask you to help please SPREAD and SHARE this information.

we are legion, 
united as one,
divided by zero,
we do not forgive,
we do not forget,
Expect Us!

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